Cop at my university forgot his bicycle lock. So he improvised


19 responses to “Cop at my university forgot his bicycle lock. So he improvised”

  1. cole0 says:


  2. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    You have the right to remain cycling. Oh, wait, no you don’t fucker you stay right there.

  3. FrogPaste says:

    Bike has the right to remain silent.

  4. WardSharlow says:

    I feel like you could take the whole bike rack by just wiggling it back and forth a little.

  5. CerebrawlHemmorage says:

    Maybe anklecuffs?

  6. ItsRainingCatsandFrogs says:

    Hope the cop gave his bike its miranda rights

  7. ManOnTheKnoll says:

    It’s because it’s black, isn’t it?

  8. SnowMongoose says:

    Someone else can simply slide the cuff up and over to the same side.

  9. Somnophobe says:

    I just want to point out that those aren’t handcuffs; they’re shackles.

  10. shezari says:

    Man, I could garrote somebody with those cuffs.

  11. ShannonOleson says:

    Military evade capture training teaches how to get out of handcuffs. Easy if you have a bobby pin. Ridiculously so.

  12. soljer says:

    You do know the course is classified and you just put classified information online right?

  13. ShannonOleson says:

    There are nearly 250,000 results on Google w/ “SERE how to get out of handcuffs.”

  14. soljer says:

    and guess what, NONE of them say that we learn that FROM the military. you are simply too stupid to see why its classified.

  15. aguyuno says:

    Yes but fewer people know that. Handcuffs are garbage

  16. centromere says:

    Except anyone with a universal handcuff key can steal the bike.

  17. Belckan says:

    Sarcasm? If not get out of the internet

  18. Lortuxim says:


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