ahaha… I see what you did there…


11 responses to “ahaha… I see what you did there…”

  1. StatisticallySpeaking says:

    The LAST thing this planet needs is for humans to find more oil..

  2. Brightlinger says:

    I’m sorry, my brain can’t stop convulsing at the ridiculously counterproductive idea of hauling oil halfway across the Solar System.

  3. hasthisusernamebeenchosen says:

    That’s what my first thought was too.

  4. Slipperysalamander says:

    OP has some explaining to do.

  5. Battleman321 says:

    Its our human right to invade a moon. We must protect that right

  6. TotoAfrica says:

    You thought America was asleep? Freedom never sleeps.

  7. bannedfornsfw says:

    Shouldn’t be an issue with NASA using Google Ultron.

  8. swampcat says:

    But I thought oil was made from dead dinosaurs? Dinosaurs came from Saturn!

  9. DaisyfromDownunder says:

    Invade now. Mission Titan Storm.

  10. Supernovy says:

    OP may have been referring to the methane lakes / atmosphere / rain. More like natural gas than oil.

  11. PwnageHobo says:

    methane & ethane != oil

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