The look I get when I sit at my desk

19 responses to “The look I get when I sit at my desk”

  1. ArniePye says:

    Why the hell are your christmas lights still up? What are you crazy??

  2. IFuckedYourMomLastNight says:

    FAP FAP FAP Fap fap fap…………FAP FAP FAP FAP

  3. IgiveupIdontknowwhatusernametopick says:

    That’s what peanutbutter is for, right?

  4. ArniePye says:

    Getting real tired of your shit, downvote fairies

  5. IgiveupIdontknowwhatusernametopick says:


  6. IgiveupIdontknowwhatusernametopick says:

    Maybe just a little.

  7. IgiveupIdontknowwhatusernametopick says:

    Good question, I don’t remember.

  8. findmeinbadcomments says:

    Also, cable management for god’s sake.

  9. kingoftheintroverts says:

    Maybe OP is colorblind, you can’t just say things like that, oh my god……

  10. Perfectstrangers says:

    “Now lets talk business. Where is my treat?”

  11. IGotNoSwag says:

    Fuck you looking at nigga

  12. WizardLizard123 says:


  13. rorschak47 says:

    Why not both?

  14. MeDammit says:


  15. dontcallmewhite says:

    Your dog looks like my dog.

  16. FirstOfAllImNotARapper says:

    “Ok, mom”

  17. DariaDAMMIT says:

    ‘WHY?Why have you abandoned me???’

  18. carewyllie says:

    Somebody is going to have to teach you about angles…

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