Uncle Iroh is a wise, wise man.


20 responses to “Uncle Iroh is a wise, wise man.”

  1. sirnicolasthecage says:


  2. wolfostrophe says:

    Wow. I can relate.

  3. axedan says:

    sauce link please

  4. GulcasaOfTheSnowfall says:

    *cue DRRRRRRRRRRRR Dragon Quest chat sounds*

  5. ToastyMozart says:


  6. ThisRDog says:

    It’s actually 4 >M<

  7. oledirtybaptist says:


  8. ThalosTheSoviet says:

    Dat bitch is crazy

  9. notirrelevant says:

    Is that guy’s eye supposed to be a vagina?

  10. iSoulend says:

    Wait, she already defeated a godlike monster, there’s nothing left to accomplish (except keep the peace going on, off course)

  11. xochiluvr says:

    New Iroh voice actor is not as good as old Iroh voice actor, but fuck yeah I upvote Iroh. Also, Iroh.

  12. kungfujd says:

    It’s sad when some of the best advice in life I have received from this old animated man.

  13. Ramecon says:

    Who is the Guru over at Nickelodeon who comes up with Iroh’s lines?

  14. HalfNote5 says:

    Low-pitched for Uncle Iroh

  15. CoreyAspromonte says:

    That eye looks questionable..

  16. Sebine says:

    While alive or dead?

  17. Jagger767 says:

    Well she could go carve out her own identity this season instead of having her life experiences retconned.

  18. Sebine says:

    Ah, he became one with the force, alright. Fuck Yeah!

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