There was a hole in my sisters door…

12 responses to “There was a hole in my sisters door…”

  1. donnyhearne says:

    Fixed your door

  2. Sjoti says:

    How did that hole get there???


    Just what was your sister doing?

  4. angelwdp90 says:

    sigh. my mind can make any phrase sound dirty

  5. CarnivalBarcklay says:

    that’s his fetish!

  6. 4inchesofforeskin says:

    Put ur peeness in the hole

  7. findmeinbadcomments says:

    Is she hot?

  8. kellbellfell says:

    Careful, he’s got an ax!

  9. TheMoistBandit says:

    This is why I love Imgur. No one else I know personally has this type of Humor.

  10. LoudAngryJerk says:


  11. LoudAngryJerk says:

    lol now that I’ve overshared and made you uncomfortable. thx, anyway tho, /hugs

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