We are Imgur

8 responses to “We are Imgur”

  1. ourari says:

    DO YOU SEE A LIKE BUTTON ON HERE MOTHERF*CKER? Go back to facebook! /vent Sorry, stressful day today. It’s not you, it’s me.

  2. daqatz says:

    There are those of us who only post OC. Also for many it’s just to share, not to impress.

  3. one1deuce says:

    And even if it’s oc and everyone likes it, no one will know who you are

  4. SlightlyNormal says:

    This should be reposted once a week at least.

  5. SlightlyNormal says:

    No, but I see a downvote button for those arguing about pointless semantics.

  6. ourari says:

    I found the same button. I find it comes in handy for people who lack a sense of humor.

  7. SlightlyNormal says:

    I heard this button is also great for people thinking all have to share same sense of humor, but Im too great of a man to use it.

  8. IamGR00TTT says:

    +1 for the repost irony.

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