Danger Zone!

12 responses to “Danger Zone!”

  1. coquette says:

    GET OUT OF MY HEAD, VOICE OF H JON BENJAMIN! (If you like Archer, check out H Jon Benjamin Has A Van).

  2. krenerr says:

    about time for this gif

  3. FirstYouTakeTheGraham says:

    +1 for anything Archer

  4. delfuego says:

    Oh god I could hear his voice

  5. darsh333 says:

    Why do I have to kill him? Was diabetes busy?

  6. Jugypsy says:

    Sterling Archer is Best Archer!

  7. AngelOfDownVotes says:

    Anything too hard in life is not worth doing, remember that. Like martial arts, or snowboarding … or math.

  8. eggmuffin says:

    Archer isn’t funny. Never was, never will be. It’s puerile, infantile and forced, relying on the audience knowing they’re supposed to laugh.

  9. Rawrey says:

    RUINED THE DAMN WHISKEY-LINE!!! (That’s soooo not punch..)

  10. ovrthtop34 says:

    Archer is so damn funny!

  11. noupnoup says:

    +1 Aisha Tyler

  12. craggyp says:

    season 3 is out on torrent

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