Ron Swanson Says:

9 responses to “Ron Swanson Says:”

  1. Amikron says:

    All of my yes.

  2. FieldTester96 says:

    Words to live by, always +1 for Ron Swanson

  3. Uberpastamancer says:

    You have squandered a lot of upvotes posting these all at once.

  4. JediKnight says:

    You can also cry at a memorial service for Little Sebastian.

  5. Cindjor says:


  6. ThatOneBlackDude says:

    Sometimes, I pretend he’s my dad.

  7. larperdoodle says:

    I live the one about stillness. I take a bus home past my house, and walk 1.5x the distance downhill, instead of walking up a hill.

  8. hsbyl says:

    My commandments.

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