Half the man I used to be

14 responses to “Half the man I used to be”

  1. spacemosphere says:

    Well didn’t you become quite the little merman.

  2. SaintSchwerin says:

    Now you’re a merman!!!

  3. littlebainy says:

    “Why does he keep wearing those pants…?”

  4. TigerWalt says:

    “There’s a shadow hanging over me, oh, yesterday, came suddenly.”

  5. Freakayou says:

    You lost weight AND became a Merman? EPIC!

  6. puppystatus says:

    i’m sorry for the loss of your siamese twin.

  7. BruceCheek says:

    Closer to 2/3rds i’d say

  8. jeffehpop says:

    YO, ADRIAN! them some sweet jeans doe

  9. elkoraco says:


  10. TravNel says:


  11. iamireland says:

    “…that’s a cold-ass honky!”

  12. sweetteaandcrackers says:

    Yes. Proud of you! :)

  13. slcarste says:

    I thought he was going to have no legs

  14. apik says:

    bulllllllllllshit o’clock

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